Below are two photos that show the wheel assembly broken off of the "Smart Trailer system". Flexing of the mounting plate on this system allows for this action. If traveling down the highway, this could have disastrous consequences such as loosing the load, to completely out of control swaying resulting in a rollover situation. The Swivelwheel torsion suspension cannot shear off as the competitive spring loaded system.


Available Options for the Swivelwheel:    1.) Loading Ramp Package
    The Center Ramp is 7’-5” long x 15” wide with a 1500 pound load rating. All ramps interlock with each other.
    2.) Spare Tire & Wheel.
    3.) Motorcycle Locking Wheel Chock. (Only 58 Models)
    4.) Power Ramp Motorcycle loader.  (Only 58 Models)[ Video Below]
    5.) Dual Point Hook-Up Assembly. This hitch allows the systems tongue weight to be distributed over two points connected to the tow vehicle giving a greater stability of the deck with offset loads such as an electric golf cart. Requires welding of two additional receivers to the tow vehicle. Receivers are included.(Single Wheel Models Only)
    Three Receiver package for motor coaches. This receiver package is the same receiver package included in our Cruiserlift – RV Motorcycle Lift system. The Dual point Hook-up Assembly will plug directly into the two outer receivers on the package. The center receiver is for standard towing.

Power Ramp for the Swivelwheel 58 / 58DW / 58DW Tandem Tow

Tired of trying to balance that bike up onto your Swivelwheel or trailer? Introducing our new Power ramp system! Lock your bike into the front wheel chock, and effortlessly clutch up onto the platform, no need for balancing or getting the neighbors help, become an independent biker today!

(Click on Arrows on Left or RIght of Box to scroll through Photos of our Power Ramp System)

SWIVELWHEEL COVER (Cover only works with SW- 58 [Dual or single wheel] Models
The following six photos show the new Swivelwheel Cover. This cover was designed to keep your motorcycle free from road debris and protected it while driving down the road in adverse weather conditions.
SWIVELWHEEL SYSTEM PHOTOS [Click any pictures below to view Swivelwheel Specs)
  SWIVELWHEEL-46 4' x 6' Wide                    SWIVELWHEEL-58 DW /5' Long x 8' Wide Dual Wheel System
SWIVELWHEEL-58                                                  | SWIVELWHEEL-58DW Tandem Tow
5' Long x 8' Wide Single Wheel System
Economy Transport System
The ultimate single wheel transport system for your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, go cart, etc. The Swivel Wheel Transport System is a new single wheel design "type" system, available for interfacing with selected tow vehicles and Fifth Wheel Trailers with a Class-III Receiver or more.
Be Aware! Since the introduction of the Swivelwheel product line, and the raised popularity of the product, other manufacturers have copied our Swivelwheel (implied trademark) name and posted it on their web sites, calling their products Swivelwheel.
Fast Master Products Inc. is still the original SwivelWheel Manufacturer
    The Swivelwheel systems do not include the adverse effects of a bumper pull trailer, which is the ability to jack-knife when backing or fishtailing while driving. The Swivel wheel system will always track with the tow vehicle whether in the traveling mode or backing up. This is especially important when attached to a fifth wheel travel trailer. With other trailers, the second trailer must be disconnected prior to backing the fifth wheel trailer. If the circumstances are just right, this tends to be a major problem. When the fifth wheel trailer is backed up with the Swivel wheel system attached, the Swivel wheel system tracks in a straight line with the fifth wheel trailer. No need to remove the Swivel wheel system to back up.
There is a weight capacity of 1000 pounds with the Swivelwheel-58 (Single Wheel) systems. The SwivelWheel-58DW, and the Swivelwheel-58DW Tandem Tow(Dual Wheel) Systems have a weight capacity of 1200 pounds.
The Swivelwheel-58DWand SwivelWheel-58DW Tandem tow(Dual wheel) systems have a weight capacity of 12000 pounds. This is sufficient for transporting the majority of large motorcycles on the market as well as ATV's / Electric and Gas Golf Carts / Can-AM's / Trikes etc.
There is a 600 pound weight capacity for the Swivelwheel-46 system. The Swivelwheel-ECO system has a capacity of 500 pounds.
    The Swivelwheel systems incorporate one single swivel wheel assembly with torsion suspension designed by Fast Master Products, Inc. and manufactured to specification by a leading torsion suspension manufacturer. The wheel assembly is a 5.70-8, "D" Rated, 8-Ply, highway speed trailer tire. Note:  (Dual Wheel Systems get 2 6Ply 910lbs -75PSI)  This tire has a load rating of 1075 pounds at 100 PSI cold inflation. With a system weight capacity of 1000 pounds, the tire will never see a 1075 pound load. Click on the following link for important information on Tire Safety,
Rv Tire Safety
The front deck height on all Swivelwheel systems is adjustable to accommodate the receiver height on the tow vehicle. The deck is 3/4" treated/painted plywood. These one wheel trailers are available for various transportation needs. A self locking wheel chock
is available for motorcycle transportation.
    Contrary to popular belief in some chat rooms, the Swivelwheel systems do not include the perceived caster flutter while driving down the road at any speed. The swivel assembly design was engineered to remove the (as we call it) shopping cart caster flutter syndrome. This is true with a loaded or empty deck,  as well as at city or highway speeds. The systems also include an adjustable friction pad
 and rotor assembly to alleviate any chances of flutter in the caster assembly.
    All Swivelwheel systems come standard with front removable jack stands with wheels for ease of moving around while disconnected from the tow vehicle.
    For further information on the Swivelwheel systems, feel free to contact us toll free at (866) 794-8357, or visit the Swivelwheel FAQ/ Or view the Towing Requirements Below
SwivelWheel FAQ SwivelWheel Towing Requirements
    If you have a Class-A motor coach, you may also visit the
RV motorcycle lift page for further transportation options.
    It is up to the Swivelwheel system owner to evaluate the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. All Swivelwheel Transport Systems (except Swivelwheel-ECO Systems) utilize a Class-III or Class-IV receiver hitch that is installed onto the tow vehicle.
    If the tow vehicle is to be a fifth wheel travel trailer, the trailer chassis frame needs to be evaluated for the capability of installing a Class-III or Class-IV receiver. The Chassis frame needs to be able to support the weight of the system plus any added loads. The Swivelwheel-46, Swivelwheel-58, and Swivelwheel-58DW systems will have about a 50/50 split. Installing the Swivelwheel system onto a chassis frame that does not have the capacity to handle said system could result in frame damage,  slide-outs that no longer work, gel-coat cracking, etc.
    Fast Master Products, Inc. is not responsible for damage to a tow vehicle that does not have the capacity to utilize the Swivelwheel system.
    We have always tried to be up front and inform the customer of the requirements of the towing vehicle. Even though the Swivelwheel system was originally designed for the fifth wheel travel trailer market, there are some fifth wheel trailers that should be avoided, especially in regards to the Swivelwheel-58, Swivelwheel-58DW systems. These are the "Lite" trailers made for towing behind compact, mid-sized, and 1/2 ton pickups. These are usually below 30 feet in length and have GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) weight under 10,000 LBS.  It would be possible to remove enough king pin weight to make the trailer fishtail. Fishtailing is not a good sign for a fifth wheel. Once a trailer fishtails to a certain degree of angle, basically, there is no recovering. You are just along for the ride until the trailer finishes what it is going to do.
    Loading of the platform has a major effect on the handling of the system. The load should be centered as much as possible. This distributes the weights evenly between the fifth wheel and the Swivelwheel systems tire. Some will move the load more toward the rear of the system to reduce the amount of tongue weight on the towing vehicle. This is not always a good idea. Depending on the load, this could have an adverse effect on the handling. You could actually put more weight ratio to the rear than the front, which could cause the fifth wheel trailer to fishtail.
    Toys are getting larger and heavier, and customers want to take their toys with them. Unfortunately, there are times that they can't without the possibility of a problem. Sometimes, its better to upgrade to a different RV than risk damage to one that does not have the capability to carry the cargo.
A frequent question asked is if the Swivelwheel system is legal to tow in all states. There are basically 22 states that do not allow double trailer towing, which some call "Triple Towing". These states are the entire east coast from Maine to Florida, Oregon and Washington. We consider the system an extension of the fifth wheel chassis frame. We do not consider it a trailer. The system cannot jackknife or fishtail. It is not like another ball mounted trailer swinging from side to side. Some states may not have that same view. Always check with the states that you are traveling through for details. There are numerous web sites that will give you state by state information in regards to towing laws. One of the better sites appears to be
We have found discrepancies in all of them, but this one appears to be the most complete.
Only the Single wheel models of the SwivelWheel system have the Flip - Up Deck feature, Which is for storage only.
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